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chili prairie fire

Chili 'Prairie Fire'

Jude Jude
· January

Rot, scharf und robust – das ist die Chili Prairie Fire. Am besten schmeckt sie frisch aus dem eigenen Garten.


Curled Cress

Jude Jude
· January

It's super-easy to grow cress on the windowsill as well as in the garden. Help your cress grow tall, bright and tasty by following our growing guide.


Wild Strawberry

Jude Jude
· February

The little sister of the big strawberry tastes intense and sweet. Growing her is not that difficult and can be done in a garden or in a pot.

Illustration Blattsenf

Leaf Mustard "Rouge Metis"

Jude Jude
· October

It's so easy to sow this tasty – and healthy – cabbage yourself, even in the wintertime! We'll show you what you should pay attention to.


Rocket "Rucola Coltivata"

Jude Jude
· November
Karotte Ochsenherz

Carrot "Ox Heart"

Jude Jude
· December
Spinat Butterflay

Spinach "Butterflay"

Jude Jude
· September

Just add a splash of green to your garden and windowsill with spinach. This is your guide to sowing, caring for and harvesting these healthy greens.


Red Clover

Jude Jude
· August

There is never a bad time for flowers. And with the August plant from The Growable Calendar, you'll learn to grow one of the most incredible flowers around!



Melanie Melanie
· July

Chives belong in every kitchen – and with these tips, we hope you will enjoy the challenge of raising your new tasty herb-buddies!!

Illustration Phacelia


Melanie Melanie
· June

A bee's best friend – that's what you get with the lovely purple Phacelia, which can easily be planted and grown in any garden.

Thymian Deutscher Winter

Thyme "German Winter"

Jude Jude
· May

Thyme should not never be missing from any kitchen or spice cupboard. Of course, you can buy the classic Mediterranean herb ready-made – but you can also grow it yourself. We've got everything you need to know about growing your own thyme.