Kinderleicht mit der Familie Gärtnern

Der Strippenzieher ist ein Familienplaner, der auch bestens für WGs und Vielbeschäftigte geeignet ist, denn auf den fünfspaltigen Kalenderseiten lassen sich viele Termine gleichzeitig organisieren. Ideal für Zero-Waste-Fans: Jede Rückseite des vergangenen Monats wird recycelt! Mit Faltanleitungen, Vorlagen zum Ausschneiden, Ausmalen oder Spielen kannst du dich kreativ ausleben. Neben der Ferien- und Feiertagsübersicht und den Jahreskalendern für 2022 und 2023 findest du als tolles Extra einen Saisonkalender für Obst und Gemüse auf der letzten Seite.



Curled Cress

Jude Jude
· January

It's super-easy to grow cress on the windowsill as well as in the garden. Help your cress grow tall, bright and tasty by following our growing guide.


Wild Strawberry

Jude Jude
· February

The little sister of the big strawberry tastes intense and sweet. Growing her is not that difficult and can be done in a garden or in a pot.


Lemon Balm

Jude Jude
· March

It smells of lemon and gives your lemonade a fresh kick. Lemon balm should not be missing in any garden. Learn how to grow it yourself here!

Zwiebel Illustration

Onion "Rouge de Genève"

Jude Jude
· April

Look – a red giant is growing in your garden! (Or on your balcony)
The "Rouge de Genève" variety of onion is easy to grow…so let's get to it!

Thymian Deutscher Winter

Thyme "German Winter"

Jude Jude
· May

Thyme should not never be missing from any kitchen or spice cupboard. Of course, you can buy the classic Mediterranean herb ready-made – but you can also grow it yourself. We've got everything you need to know about growing your own thyme.

Illustration Phacelia


Melanie Melanie
· June

A bee's best friend – that's what you get with the lovely purple Phacelia, which can easily be planted and grown in any garden.



Melanie Melanie
· July

Chives belong in every kitchen – and with these tips, we hope you will enjoy the challenge of raising your new tasty herb-buddies!!


Red Clover

Jude Jude
· August

There is never a bad time for flowers. And with the August plant from The Growable Calendar, you'll learn to grow one of the most incredible flowers around!

Spinat Butterflay

Spinach "Butterflay"

Jude Jude
· September

Just add a splash of green to your garden and windowsill with spinach. This is your guide to sowing, caring for and harvesting these healthy greens.

Illustration Blattsenf

Leaf Mustard "Rouge Metis"

Jude Jude
· October

It's so easy to sow this tasty – and healthy – cabbage yourself, even in the wintertime! We'll show you what you should pay attention to.


Rocket "Rucola Coltivata"

Jude Jude
· November
Karotte Ochsenherz

Carrot "Ox Heart"

Jude Jude
· December